Andi Kay is an accomplished personal trainer, weight loss and health coach with over a decade of experience in the industry. As an NSPA-Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach, Andi has countless satisfied clients throughout the Washington metropolitan area. She specializes in helping women and men with weight loss over 50 and maximize their mid-life metabolisms.

Andi’s philosophy is simple: you can achieve anything if you go after it consistently. That’s why she’s called the Consistency Coach. By focusing on goal setting and consistency, Andi doesn’t just help her clients lose weight and tone muscles, she helps them to develop new positive lifestyle habits. Consistency is the foundation in which Andi has not only based her business but also her personal life. Even through emotional trials and hardship in her own life, consistently practicing self-care with health and fitness has enabled Andi to work through these difficulties and has empowered her to succeed.

Andi’s mission is to help you break through whatever barriers are holding you back from being the best you can possibly be. Learn more about Andi’s Personal Training Services or Nutritional Cleansing Programs for weight loss and energy. With Andi behind you, anything is possible!


ACE- Certified Health Coach

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