The Maximize Your Mid-Life Metabolism Personalized Coaching Program

With over 20 years of experience as an award-winning Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach, Andi Kay specializes in helping women and men maximize their mid-life metabolisms. Over the years, Andi has honed a proven toolset of strategic, realistic diet, exercise and mindset techniques in order to help her clients break free of their weight struggles and change the way they forever relate to food while still enjoying life.  

In her health & weight loss coaching program, Andi will show you how to make long-term changes to your relationship with food, so you can achieve peace for once and for all.

This isn’t a one size fits all program. Andi will work with you personally to uncover your challenges with food and what blocks you from taking the best care of yourself.

When you work with Andi:
• You’ll uncover the root causes of your challenges with food and weight and how to address them
• You’ll develop a crystal clear, realistic vision of your healthy self
• You’ll learn how to conquer cravings by building up one success at a time
• You’ll rediscover how to truly enjoy food and release yourself from feeling bad when you eat
• You’ll receive custom-tailored diet, health and mind-body advice to suit your unique needs and lifestyle
• You’ll learn what foods to incorporate into your diet regularly to help amp up your metabolism
• You’ll learn specific ways to exercise in order to maximize your mid-life metabolism 

Here’s what’s included when you work with Andi:
60-minute personalized health coaching sessions — (via Skype, or over the phone) where Andi will address topics and strategies that are applicable to you. After each session, you’ll have a clearcut plan to work until you meet again. 

Unlimited email support —Andi will be there to help troubleshoot those confidence wobbles when they arise and will also be there to support you in planning for events that test your ability to maintain your peace with food.

Delicious recipes tailored to your unique needs / likes / allergies — Andi will provide you with easy, enjoyable recipes that will help take the stress out of meal planning

Workout plans — Andi will develop customized workout plans tailored to the unique needs of your body and abilities. 

Andi’s Private Facebook group — Where Andi will support and cheer you on throughout your journey and provide you with inspiration, encouragement and helpful tips.