Making Weight Loss Attainable

By admin | In Consistency | on August 28, 2013

andiWe all strive to eat healthier, work out more and just take better care of ourselves. Many times, we make excuses that “we just don’t have the time.” We put work, family, errands and numerous other things before our own health. When you think about all of the things we do make  time for … isn’t it crazy that our health doesn’t make the top of the list?

Think about it this way. Without our health, we have nothing at all so this should be prioritized before anything else. We all know the endless benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating for disease prevention, maintaining a healthy weight, maximizing metabolism , increasing bone density and overall feelings of confidence and happiness yet we still procrastinate or don’t make it a consistent part of our lives, thus making it impossible to reap  the full benefits.

One of my goals is to teach people that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s all about simplifying so you can be consistent. Here are a few tips that I use and I know are successful to making a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Here we go …

1. Cook on Sunday for the week. Make a large pot of Quinoa or brown rice. Roast vegetables that you like on a large pan with yummy seasonings. Grill lean protein such as chicken breasts, lean steak, pork or fish. Put all in small containers mixing all three – the rice or quinoa, the vegetables and the protein. These will serve as your lunches and dinners for the whole week so you won’t come home exhausted and ravenous and unable to cook. Your healthy meals are ready to go! Just need heating. You can bring one to work every day and it will save you hundreds of calories and money in unhealthy restaurant food.

2. Schedule your workouts as a weekly appointment in your calendar and aim for at least three times a week. If you can afford a trainer, this will be the best as you are guaranteed a great workout without being able to blow it off as well as having an accountability coach. Trainers = Consistency! However, if you can’t afford a trainer just make sure you do it and push yourself!

3. Plan to use the weekends as two workout days that week because you have much more free time.

4. Get an extra-large traveling water bottle and fill it up a few times a day and bring it with you wherever you go. Slice some fresh lemons and squeeze in for an extra metabolism boost.If you are not hydrated, your metabolism will slow down.

5. Weigh yourself at least every three days to create accountability for all your hard efforts. Accountability is a huge piece of getting to your goals.

6. If you go off your plan, don’t fret about it – one day is not going to make a difference, just get immediately back on your consistent eating and workout plan.

If you need help creating accountability and consistency, email me today to make your goals a reality.














































If you need extra help being consistent or for more motivation and accountability, email me to make your goals a reality!

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