Staying Consistent during the Holidays

By admin | In Consistency | on December 7, 2013

In 25 days another year will be over. Some of us will be extremely happy to start fresh and all of us will be hopeful that 2014 will be a great year. Reaching and maintaining our health and fitness goals is always on the top of our New Year’s list .

The holiday time is challenging for all of us who are trying to lose weight or even maintain our current weight. Here are some tips on enjoying but staying consistent.

1. Dont go to parties hungry ,even dinner parties
(always snack on something with protein and fiber before )

2. Do an extra 20 to 30 minute workout the days you are going to a party

3. Have a treat in your purse of something little and sweet to avoid eating the holiday desserts ( ex. mini candy bar)

4. Mix your alcohol with club soda not juices or mixes to save hundreds of calories in pure sugar.

5. Allow yourself just 1 small treat at party ( either 2 small appetizers or 1 small dessert then cut yourself off)

6. Don’t beat yourself up if you over do it, just get right back to consistently working out and eating right the next day.

Many people gain several pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years so checking yourself and following these tips will make a huge difference.

If you need help in 2014 to reach your health and fitness goals contact me at andi@five.viewourdesign.com..

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