Weight Management For Life

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dreamstime_xs_6553299Recently I read that the average woman spends 21 minutes a day worrying about her weight. It is very disconcerting that the obsession with new diets,weight-loss gimmicks and new weight loss fads keep people from doing the one and only thing that will work for a lifetime.

I have seen so many of my friends and clients push themselves to start a new diet that is extreme or an extreme high-intensity workout that is extremely too hard to maintain and could cause long-term injuries, making consistency impossible. I know so many people who have been injured by extreme workouts and were restricted for weeks or months due to those injuries. I also know way too many people who have been on such low-calorie diets during their lifetime that they have lowered their metabolism and are unable to eat anything above that low set point without gaining weight.

I feel like a broken record so much of the time by repeating that consistently working out and eating healthy, well-balanced meals daily is the only proven long-term solution to weight management for life. Everyone wants a quick fix so they get sucked into the newest fad thinking this is the magic solution that will work. These newest fads leave as quickly as they come always proving to be disappointing and too hard to maintain.

We all want to be happy, content, energized, fit and enjoy life. Doing anything to an extreme will throw the whole mind/body healthy balance out the window.

Successful weight management for life involves having a realistic perspective of exercise and nutrition. This involves doing something consistently daily that you enjoy to get your cardiovascular training and your strength training as well as eating foods you love in moderation and incorporating six or more organic fruits and vegetables into your daily plan.

We all get busy, stressed, overwhelmed and there will always be times when we overeat or skip workouts. This is not the end of the world, this is life and the key is to get right back on track. Throw out this all-or -nothing mentality like “I’m a failure” or “I broke my diet and I have to start all over again.”

Do not ever feel guilty for not maintaining because perfection does not exist. Our free time is spent socializing with family and friends that most of the time involves drinking and eating. Plan ahead for these times and eat less on those days that you will be out to dinner or do a little more exercise to counteract the calories.

Weight management for life involves:

  1. Setting realistic and attainable goals
  2. Being accountable (to a coach or to yourself by using a food diary and weighing yourself)
  3. Managing stress and identifying and replacing emotional eating
  4. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night
  5. Working out consistently with both cardio and strength training every day – it does not need to be hard core but it does need to be consistent and somewhat challenging
  6. Avoid all EXTREME diets and workout plans as they will not lead you to reach your goals but will lead you to starvation, frustration, injuries and bingeing on all the “forbidden” foods
  7. Plan your vacations and evenings out by allowing one or two drinks or one dessert but not both- remember its all about MODERATION. Avoid the extras on regular days.
  8. Remember small permanent changes are better than large temporary ones

If you need extra help with accountability, coaching, goal setting or Personal Training, email me at Andi@AndiKaycoach.com or 240-899-1431.

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